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Baba Zorwar Singh Fateh Singh Khalsa College is one of the prestigious educational institutions of Punjab, affiliated to the Punjabi University, Patiala. This college has been making rapid strides since it’s inception in 1971. Now it has emerged as a major center of study offering instructions in Arts and Commerce.

This college has lived upto the aspirations of its founder father Sant Surjan Singh ji and played a leading role in dispelling ignorance from the backward Region and has made a significant contribution in putting Morinda on the educational Map of Punjab.

We are legitimately proud of the leading role, this college has played in pulling this town out of morass of backwardsness. This college has turned Morinda into place of acadmic excellence.This college now on the path of un-precedented growth.

There is perfect discipline in the college campus leading to a highly academic enviorment. This institution is managed by the progressive and enlightened managing committee for introducing the courses in the college.

Prevention of Ragging

Ragging of the first year students particularly when they are admitted afresh to this institute is illegal and completely forbidden. It is punishable with fine, or even expulsion from college and also prosecution.

Ragging is defined amongst others as, “Display of disorderly conduct, an act of causing physical and psychological harm or causing apprehension or fear or shame or embarrasment.

The definition also includes, “Teasing, abusing, threatning, playing practical jokes or asking students to perform something the student in ordinary course would not do”. It further includes causing injury, degrading, humilating a fellow student and causing distress of mind or spirit.


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